Kraken Case Company Launches The Next Generation of Case Storage

Kraken Case Company Launches The Next Generation of Case Storage

For more than two years we have been developing the next generation of secure storage and transportation for your gear. While the journey has not been easy or fast, we are finally ready to share what we have been working on, Kraken Cases and our patent pending KRAKEN Foam. 

If you own anything that requires a case for transportation, you have undoubtedly experienced the frustrations that led us here. For us, pick and pluck, laser cut, and egg shell foams were just the available solutions, not the right ones. So we asked ourselves, can we create a foam system that offers true customization without actually requiring you to customize your foam. The answer is yes we can, and we did. 

KRAKEN Foam is the first foam insert for hard cases that actually conforms to whatever you put in it. At the most basic level, KRAKEN Foam acts much like the countless memory foam products on the market for beds and pillows. In its resting state, KRAKEN Foam is flat and without contours, but when you feel KRAKEN Foam for the first time you'll understand that it is so much more than just memory foam. 

Our design goals were to offer customization within seconds and durability that can withstand real world abuse. We have developed a foam system that can conform with zero effort, rebound to a flat surface within seconds, and take some serious abuse from the end user. 

While our competitors foam solutions have little to no protection against tearing and sharp objects, our foam is cut resistant to blades like razors and your honed EDC blade. This cut resistance was incredibly important to us because we know that many of the products stored in cases have sharp angles that can lead to issues over time. 

Beyond the cut resistant properties of KRAKEN Foam, heat resistance was also a major design consideration. We've engineered our foam to accommodate temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. We understand that many case owners are going to be taking trips to the range and will need to store firearms with elevated temperatures. 

After accomplishing functionality that exceeds the current market solutions, we looked at how we can make the foam look better. Our first case, KRAKEN Gamma, features a mat black surface and embossed logo. Functional and visually appealing products are equally important to our team and will be key factors in everything we design moving forward. 

Today we are launching Kraken Case Company with our flagship case, the KRAKEN Gamma. We know that this case will disrupt the case and foam industry but, we aren't stopping here. Our team is already working on the next phase of our product catalog that will bring larger and more diverse storage options to you.