How long have you been in business?

We've been working on Kraken Foam since January of 2020. Our main focus has always been developing the absolute best foam inserts to protect gear.

We've been selling cases since March of 2022.

Will you make more case size?

Yes! The sky is really the limit in terms of the sizes and types of cases we can make foam for.

Ultimately, our product road map will come down to what you, the customer, wants most.

We hope to release at least one new case per month beginning in 2023.

What about replacement foam?

We get this question quite a bit. We are looking at selling foam only solutions for cases you may already have.

As you can imagine, there are an unbelieveable amount of case variations on the market. Each new foam insert product we make requires a considerable amount of R&D time and mold investment. We're currently gathering data on what people want the most so that we can sell the right inserts.

We are looking to begin foam only sales for competiting brands in late 2023.